PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!! We have all heard that saying, and it is certainly true. Skill repitition transforms technique into instinct, and player potential into peak performance. Practice produces the confidence to perform when opportunity presents itself, and confidence is the hallmark of a great player.  FSFC athletes will learn that this confidence is achieved by establishing the necessary work ethic.

Teamwork is the life-blood of football and community. The product of teamwork is synergy; the concept that 1 plus 1 equals 3, and an individual is capable or greater feats when working as part of a team. The countless legendary tales of the underdogs rising to victory prove that it isn’t the most talented group that wins, but the group that becomes a functional team. Football is the perfect avenue to teach children this early, so that it guides them into their community as crucial members of society.

Discipline is a crucial skill that is imperative to learn at an early age, so that children learn to make wholesome decisions. Individual discipline develops self-control, responsibility and leadership, and creates a sense of reliability and trust in a team. People gravitate towards those that possess discipline, because discipline is strength. Thus, as FSFC athletes learn discipline through football techniques, they will ultimately develop the necessary skills that will help them to emerge as leaders on the field, and follow them into the classroom and their community.

Prime focus involves focusing only on performance-relevant cues in your attentional field. In other words, only focusing on cues that help you to perform your best. Depending on the sport, performance-relevant cues can include technique, tactics, your opponent, the score, time remaining, and many other cues. Prime focus gives you the ability to adjust your focus internally and externally as needed during the course of a competition.

A major pillar of teamwork is respect. Respect is defined and earned in many capacities, but mutual human respect due unto all people is merited simply because we are human. There is no room for prejudice, bullying, abuse harassment and discrimination (BAHD) on the football field, because each member has a role to play, else the mission fails. FSFC athletes will learn to respect and value each other on and off the field, and become confident that they have a place on a team, and a valued place in society.  


Future Stars Football Clinic preps athletes for the upcoming football season.  This is a non-contact clinic where you can teach all the techniques of blocking, and tackling better without equipment.  The best way to teach fundamentals is in a non-contact environment every championship team starts with non-contact instruction and learns the proper technique first.  Starting at this age group will benefit for the future.

The football clinic operates in a controlled environment. The drills are essentially choreographed, with a focus on technique, skill training, and fun.  Athletes dress in t-shirts and shorts, not full equipment and this allows for more full recovery between drills. A relatively rested athlete is far more likely to repeat perfect technique, and by repeating perfect technique, the camper will build muscle memory and improve skill more easily.  Athletes will compete against stopwatches, cones, blocking dummies, shields, the coach’s assessment of their technique, and most importantly–themselves. They are participating in high intensity training, but in an environment where they have the freedom to make mistakes, without ruining a play, and without risk of negative feedback from their peers. The idea is to create a culture of learning and technique training, so it doesn’t matter if player may make a technique mistake, drop a ball, or feel awkward doing something new.

Goal #1: Improve skills and technique
When practicing specifically for technique, players focus on perfect execution–every time. This establishes muscle memory and improves skills. Perfect practice makes a perfect player.
Goal #2: Be in top physical condition
Building speed, strength and endurance without the risk of injury markedly improves a player’s chances to go into football tryouts at 100%, ready to perform.
Goal #3: Make it fun
Even when practice is pushing players to their limits, if they are having fun they are less likely to burn out before the season starts.

The objective of the Future Stars Football Clinic (FSFC) is to guide young men and women to realize themselves, to inspire them to discover their potential, to realize the potential of their communities, and to ultimately establish leaders within the community, and the nation.

Future Stars Football Clinic is a force that will use the game of football to realize this course by inspiring in children, young men and women, and their communities the mindset that


FSFC will go far beyond football; this is simply the means to much greater objectives.  Besides coaching the fundamental of the sport, the objective is to bring together youths from K-5, through high school and teach the value of mentorship.  By providing an opportunity for high school football players & athletes to mentor the youth.   In, teamwork, sportsmanship, and pure fun of the game.

1. Children learn the fundamentals through young, talented, motivated athletes.
2. Community service (strengthen college applications/scholarships).
3. Children have a constructive environment to learn in.
4. Constructive time spent means there is not time to find trouble.

Community Service
At least one weekend per month, there will be community service events held throughout the city.  The objective is to overwhelm the city with youths that care about their community, contrary to the “millennial entitlement” that is used to define the younger generation, that quite frankly is brimming with talent
Coach Chris Torres
Coach Gideon Duke
Coach Kyle Macey